{ Tiny Love sneak peek }

Hi everyone!
As you know TinyLove is well on it’s way and I’m very excited about the new studio set up and all that jazz! So I simply could not wait to give you a little glimps into the world of TinyLove Photography… {Website coming sooooon!}

Here’s an example of a ” 1st Birthday Shoot” :

More to come…

Happy Snapping!

– Silje

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{ Tiny Love photography opening September 2012 }

As I said in my previous blog post, I am opening a studio at the traders outlet in Sale.
It was my intention to open in August, but due to some unforeseen circumstances I’ve had to push it back to September. Official opening day will be September 8th!
Hope to see you all there!!!

Tiny Love Newborn Photography presents:

– Happy Snapping!

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{ Same photographer, new name, new Studio }

Hi lovely clients, bloggers and other people who enjoy reading my posts.

The last four years nearly all my photoshoots have taken place outdoors, and we’ve had fun even when the frost laid fresh on the ground! When you live in the UK you can’t really let a bit of bad weather stop you!

However one of my favorite shoots to do are Newborns! And they don’t particularly take very well to the cold…and that is why I have taken the leap and in August I will be opening a Studio right here in the middle of Sale, Cheshire.

Here I will mainly focus on Newborns, babies and young children. It will be possible to have a “drop in session” or book in advance.

My Studio name will be: ” TINY LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY” .  A new website is on it’s way!

The Studio address is: 3-7 Tatton Road, M33 7EB.

I will keep you all posted on my grand opening!!Image

Exciting times ahead!!!

– Happy Snapping, and have a brilliant weekend!!

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{ Tiny Love }

What does Love look like?
I have had a look through some of my baby photography and I am pretty sure I’ve found the answer:

Newborn shoots are available for £99 including:  3 high resolution images on a CD and one 10″ x 8″ print.


The Details: It will last approximately 1 hour and would preferably take place within the first 2 weeks of baby’s birth. The photos will be taken at your home unless we have arranged otherwise, this is to ensure baby is most comfortable.

Happy Snapping!!
x Silje

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{ Love is in the air }

Lately I’ve had quite a few engagement shoots, it must be the weather and the romance blossoming alongside the flowers..
Here’s a little peak at one of the happy couples,

{ Rachael & Phil }





Book an engagement shoot? Click here to find out more!

Happy Snapping!
x Silje

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1st Birthday!!

A child’s first birthday is something to be celebrated in style! ..and with lots of sugar and cake! Why not do some birthday photos a few days ahead and give everyone a cute thank you card as they come to the party?

Or you can book a photoshoot to capture the special day! baby shoots are £99 and can be booked here.

Happy Snapping!!

x Silje

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{ Shop launch – in the making }

Happy Happy Saturday everyone!

I am really,REALLY excited!! -Why? you might ask..
LovingCreativity is soon opening a webshop with lots of exciting products! It has been “in the making” for some time now and we will soon be ready to launch. Just need to put the finishing touches on it first. My husband is a graphic designer, so we put our creative minds together and put some ideas on paper..literally.

Here we will be selling personalised prints, trendy postcards and other little treats for the eye. Perfect gifts for yourself or your friends & family.

Now what has this got to do with photography?
Well, probably not much to be honest. When I created my company in 2008, my dream was always to expand and go beyond taking pretty pictures. That is why I named it “Loving Creativity”. I love being creative in any shape or form, so I didn’t want to limit my company to photographs only (although I am still, and always will be, very passionate about photography).  So here’s to a dream getting bigger and better!

And…ofcourse… a little sneak peak, just for you:

{personalised print with baby’s name and d.o.b}

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned..more to come!

– Silje



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