{ kate + william = yay! }

Happy wedding day William and Kate!

I do LOVE a good wedding! And I must say, it doesn’t get more “grand” than this one!
Me, my hubbie and daughter went to my inlaws for a wedding celebration in style!
My mother in law is an excellent baker and had made a gorgeous cake for the occasion…Mmmm.


Now, since I am Norwegian, you would’ve thought I wouldn’t care that much about the British Royals, but I must say, I got very involved, and very moved.
I think there’s something unbeatable and powerful about two people committing to each other – for life – and in front of everyone!
At my wedding I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling..my dream had come true. I spent so long wishing and hoping, and daydreaming about “Mr. Right” and suddenly there I was, right by his side in church saying my vows. Besides the day I had my daughter, it was the most amazing day of my life. Not so much because of the dress, or the party, but for what it symbolized : ” We found it! what everyone is looking for..we found it” ..

This picture is from our wedding 28.06.2008

On a photographic note, I watched the Royal wedding and thought ” oh my goodness..to photograph that day must be nerve wrecking! ” Can you even imagine?

So, this post is a shout out to all you lovers that are remenissing your weddingday. Let’s believe that was just the beginning of a life full of glorious days to come!

– Silje.


About siljedean

Creative portrait Photographer situated in Sale Cheshire, UK. Specializing in the use of natural light.
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