{oh rainy days..}

England, England, England…I do love you, BUT, do you have to be so unpredictable weather wise?

Twice this last week I was near to canceling photo shoots due to heavy rain showers. Luckily the first shoot was an urban kind of “moody” one, so the gray clouds did us a favor! Although we had to wait it out for a good ten minutes. The result on the other hand was fabulous! I couldn’t be more happy with the images. Talk about turning a bad situation into something great.

The next shoot was of a young boy, only 1 year old. Now, adults might endure a bit of splashing water, but I didn’t want a toddler to get all soaked and cold. So I was sat there in my car waiting for my client…and it wasn’t just raining..it was CHUCKING it down.
I thought, okay this is not looking good, so I said ” God please stop this rain”. Just like that, and within minutes the rain stopped, the sun even came out, and we ended up having a lovely photo shoot!

You would never have believed me if  I told you it was pouring down just a few minutes before this, would you?

Come rain, come shine, where there’s a will there’s a way..

– Silje


About siljedean

Creative portrait Photographer situated in Sale Cheshire, UK. Specializing in the use of natural light.
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