{ The candid moments }

When I have a first look at my photos after a shoot, I look for the moments, the images that makes me smile, stop and look again. Those are the ones I keep.
Time changes quickly. Seasons come and go, years pass and soon your little baby is graduating and off into the big world to make his own history.
That’s why I love the candid moments. The little glimpses of your personality in a picture. The one I took when you thought I was just adjusting my lens..

This picture makes me feel peaceful. All I asked her to do was sit on the steps, and she picked up a leaf and was in her own world.

Here’s another one of the two sisters playing.

They looked SO cute in their princess dresses.

If you want to book a family shoot or a portrait one for your child, you can contact me here.

Now go out and take some candid photos of your nearest and dearest and have a good laugh together:)

– Silje


About siljedean

Creative portrait Photographer situated in Sale Cheshire, UK. Specializing in the use of natural light.
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