{ Showtime! }

The bean and (the fabulous) brush, an amazing family art cafe in Sale, are displaying some of my work this month! Yay! I am SO excited about it! Finally it is where it belongs; on a wall for everyone to see.Aaaaand, you – yes, you, can now purchase it if you’d like. Good times all around!

Proud moment…

So go and see for yourself, grab a (very) nice coffee, and by all means try their sweetpotato fries!
..and chances are you’ll see me there..

SweetPotato fries are out of this world! And actually healthier than normal ones..at least that’s what I tell myself..

The staff are so friendly and welcoming and really know what they’re doing.

This Art cafe is such a great concept that Sale really needed! In the mornings it’s the perfect place for us mum & dads to take our kids for some arts and crafts, then in the late afternoon it’s perfect for having some “you time” with a magazine & nice music in the background. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I plan to do – right now!

– Silje


About siljedean

Creative portrait Photographer situated in Sale Cheshire, UK. Specializing in the use of natural light.
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1 Response to { Showtime! }

  1. Hello Gorgeous Darling (Said with a strong english accent 😉
    I love love love your blog!! And your photographs are just so beautiful…!
    And I also think sweet potatoes fries are a little better…;) We ate them homemade, well baked, yesterday. Yum.
    I`m so proud of you my sweet friend!!!! Your a genius and a well of beauty!

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