{ Tricks of the trade }

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Photography is no longer all about dark rooms and film, but rather photoshop and digital cameras  -thank goodness! For those of you who have an interest in photography and want to snatch a few tricks and tips – this blog post is for you!Here’s a few pointers that I’ve learned along the way.

1. Silhouettes
-Big contrasts and exciting colours!

When I was learning all about photography I did what most people do ; read & practice….and practice and read some more. There is a great website for you who want to learn more and that’s where this tutorial on silhouettes is from. And because they said it so well; click here to read it!

Image : Loving Creativity



2. Let there be light!

Photography = light.
Always, always look for the spot with the best light! There are times of day that are perfect for natural, stunning, light : before sunrise/when it’s rising, and during sunset.
What you want to avoid is harsh bright daylight, as this may cast a very unattractive shadow on your subject. And although a lot can be edited away with helps of photoshop etc, it’s better to take a great photo in the first place, and then just play around with colours afterwords.If you do want to take photos in the middle of the day there are simple solutions to avoid harshness. Simply place your object in the shade. That way you will still get lots of light without the shadows.

I took this image just as the sun went down on a later summer’s day.

3. Filters

Jazz up your pictures by being creative and using what you’ve got.
A very easy and fun way to add some colour to your picture is by using your sunglasses!
This is how you do it:
You simply hold your sunnies (as popularly called) in front of your lens.
– Yes it’s that easy!
Check out the red and mystic look my sunnies gave this picture :

4. Thinking outside the frame

We’ve all seen the pictures with the smiling family in the center. Now mix it up a little. Make the viewer have to use their God given imagination and think outside what the picture tells you. This could well be the recipe to never have boring family photos ever again. Try it out, tilt your camera, turn your children upside down & think outside the frame.

That’s it for now!
Happy Snapping!!
x Silje


About siljedean

Creative portrait Photographer situated in Sale Cheshire, UK. Specializing in the use of natural light.
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